Intelligent & seamless Table Booking

Manage online, reservations made through phone & walk-in reservations at your fingertips. Accept reservation from restaurant website, ordering websites with automated reminder and confirmation mailed to guests.

In-house & engaging table reservations

Manage in-house reservation, track order, payments, send confirmation email & reminders to the guest to enhance the customer experience.

Convenient payment options

Flexible and convenient online ordering and payment integration enabling the convenience of quick and secured online or card payments for all online and in-store orders.

Detailed Order Analytics dashboard

Access detailed insight & analytics of your customer's ordering patterns, customer type, ordering source, payment type and average bill value per customer on one single dashboard that leverage rich information for remarketing. Get instant status of checkout option and order amount status to make routing hassle free.

Catering Concierge Solution

Having a sophisticated technology platform to streamline the food ordering process can simplify your work and get more business, but to meet the requirements of corporate clients, the catering concierge approach is a perfect fit.

For creating a catering concierge, features to be noted are:

  • You can develop your catered meal menus as per the customer’s needs.
  • Manage any dietary restrictions if any.
  • Place your order, food delivery and handle food set up.

Integrate ordering plugins across website, social media, in-store and online channels.

Integrate online ordering and increase online sales

Fast and hassle free menu & app updates in no time

Access analytics to analyse order patterns to plan your inventory & operations


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